Do not let your child fall behind while they are at out of school.  Keep them learning at the pace they would normally or even faster. Take a step forward in parenting and give your child the added edge they need to succeed.

Invite your friends or get ready to make new ones in our program as we meet in google classrooms and live stream with visual aids provided by academic professionals who enjoy what they do – teaching children in a safe environment for themselves and your kids.

  • Student will receive personalized email account

  • Responsive support via chat or email

  • Choose your grade K – G12

  • Plus free lessons in Roblox, Minecraft, Python, Coding, Robotics and more

  • Get a $250 tax deductible tax receipt with annual payment.

  • The payment is monthly which includes two (2) days of live tutoring and two (2) days of assignments per week.

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  • Good working Computer

  • iPad or Laptop (PC/Mac)

  • Internet Access


Trial Period is $49.99